Samples of Courses We Offer

Private Photography Course

We offer one to one all-encompassing photography courses for individuals who would like to work even closer with their instructor to develop essential skills. Kickstart your adventure into photography with our experienced and knowledgeable instructors who can tailor the course specifically to your needs.

Post-processing Course

Adobe Lightroom contains about 1000 menu items and about 3000 buttons, switches and sliders. If you spend on explaining each element for at least one minute, the duration of such a lecture would be eight working days without a break for lunch. Studying yourself and trying all the options in practice will take much more time.

Product & Food Photography Workshop

During this intensive workshop, you will learn how to style and take high quality, creative images of products and food. If you’re looking to improve your skills and capture sharp, impressive product/food images, our enthusiastic instructors will give you all the tools you need.

Popular Types of Photography

Macro Photography

Macro photography makes things that are small appear larger than life. It’s got a broad range of applications, but one of our favourites is in photographing tiny bugs and plants.

Interior Photography

Anyone can snap a photo of their home, but great interior photographers create awe-inspiring views of a confined space. Some of the most impressive images are of grandiose settings like opera houses.

Fairy Tale Photography

Fairy tales have been around for hundreds of years, and photographers are still trying to recreate them in their images today.

Some Photo Editing Tips That Might Be Useful for You

Correct the White Balance

Have you ever looked at one of your photos taken in bright sunshine and thought that it had a blue tint to it? For all the advancements of digital cameras, they are still no match for your eyes. Whenever you see any scene in front of you, your eyes automatically adjust so that we see a clear picture in natural colour. If you are photographing in a controlled environment like a studio where the light will be all the same, you can adjust the White Balance manually.

Use Presets to Start

While this might be a good approach to get you acquainted with what all the buttons and sliders in your editing program if you are just learning, it’s not a very practical approach when it comes to actually editing photos.

Make a Photo Black & White to Highlight Contrasts

Of all the photo editing tips, turning a colour photo into a black & white one is one of the scariest to share because they have the potential to highlight imperfections in the camera work behind the scenes. For some images, black & white might be the only way to make it usable.

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Verna Parish

Co-Founder of Certhope

In our era of image-based communications and with the multifaceted world of photography constantly evolving, we try to represent as many of the trends as possible and want our photographers to reflect that richness and diversity. That's why our team is composed of women and men with different expertise and approaches that reflect the world of photography today.

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